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12 December
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Honestly, i am just trying to find communities where i can to talk to people who share the same interest that i do. I am a easy going person and it shows in my interests a lot lol. I like a lot of different things and I jump around with different "fandoms." I am quiet but i am also pretty talkative so I am sorry now if I annoy the fuck out of you haha.

I am not going to lie, i am the daughter of a flower child and their personality has rubbed off me. I only say that because I guess i am kind of annoying positive and i have no time for cynical/negative people. I come on here to get away from the real world and that doesn't mean getting into internet fights....sorry. That also means that i will never speak about political issues. I do like politics and the"world news" but people can never control themselves or the conversation become a huge misunderstanding so there is no point in it.

English is not exactly my first language and i might get a little confused with translating so be gentle with me!!

ETA- i am a Brazilian just in case there is any other pacific islanders or Brazilians who want to talk!

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