I don't know why i continue to torture myself with this channel. The stories are sad/terrifying/beautiful and i.can't.stop.watching. The Jaycee Dugard new 20/20 special was just on and i am in tears..I am just going to leave with the specials ending quote.

"You can't control the wind but you can adjust your sails. "


Someone found my IMBD account lol. It's not shocking or anything since my usernames are the same (creative, i know) but it's kind of embarrassing since i only post about the show Pretty Little Liars. Anyway, hi!

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"“if those people had had guns this wouldnt have happened”

Well live journal looks...different. I remember when this place was one of the popular diary sites out there. I remember being o n ONTD and those emo journals that i thought were "oh so cool". i am at a strange place in my life where i know who i am but at the same time i am confused. Starting over has truly been one of the most difficult things that i have ever done. I am finding it easier to...give up.

I am disappointed with the people around me. My subject line has been repeated over and over again on my fb page. I can't believe i was friends with those people. I really don't know why i am back but i just need a place to talk and maybe make some new friends.
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